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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Eco-Cigs Cartridges - 60 Pack

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  • Eco-Cigs Cartridges - 6 Pack

Eco-Cigs Cartridges - 60 Pack

$240.00 $130.00
(You save $110.00)

Want your e-cigarette to deliver the same great flavor every time? Like to save money? Tired of tossing away disposables? The solution is an Eco-Cigs Tip Rechargeable and Cartridge Refills!

Flavor.. oh yes, we have you covered there. Fresh and flavorful with both our tobacco and menthol!

Eco-Cigs Cartridge Refills Deliver Savings
Eco-Cigs 60 pack cartridge refills is one of our most popular product offerings due its dramatic cost savings over regular cigarette smoking, with a savings of $460 for every 60-pack cartridge refill order—compared to an equal number of cigarette packs.  Each 3-pack of cartridge refills is equivalent to six, regular cigarette packs for an instant savings of approximately $23.

Eco-Cigs Cartridge Refills and a Hassle-free Lifestyle
With the only e-cig device on the market that offers recharging without disassembly, the 60-pack cartridge refills and its hermetically-sealed refill packaging offers consistent taste...time after time for extended periods of time. Foil-sealed packaging preserves freshness and taste for each aluminum cartridge and allows for vapor smoking on your schedule. The packaging protects the cartridge refills from oxygen and other environmental elements to always provide a consistent taste.

Eco-Cigs cartridges leverage “tip-rechargeable” batteries for the only e-cig device on the market that charges from a USB charger available from Eco-Cigs.  Plug-in via a USB device at the office, home or on the road and be able to charge your e-cig device without removing any parts or assemblies—product is compatible with Jak, V2 and White Cloud.

Also, “light-up” when your e-cig is charging to enjoy your ride home from the office. Eco-Cigs is your lifestyle, at home or at the workplace.

Eco-Cigs Cartridges Deliver Consistent Taste
Moving to an e-cigarette smoking products removes your smoking stigma and offers new lifestyle enjoyment while still delivering nicotine flavor on your schedule. Eco-Cigs 60-pack cartridge simplifies your life with online ordering for a month supply of e-cig vapor refills and removes any worries about product flavor due to our hermetically-sealed refill packaging.

Cartridges that Meets Your Needs
Eco-Cigs 60-pack cartridge refills are available in four choices of nicotine strengths to meet your desired level of vapor smoking, along with menthol flavor: 24 mg/2.4%, 18 mg/1.8%, 11 mg/1.1% and 0 mg/0%.

How much do you save? Tons! Let's do the math: Every Cartomizer Refill three-pack gives you the equivalent of six packs of cigarettes (or more), and costs $9.95. Six packs of traditional cigarettes would cost, based on the average U.S. price, about $33. So you save more than $23!

One more thing: Our specialized packaging keeps your cartomizers fresh and flavorful until you’re ready to use them!

Available nicotine strengths: 24mg/2.4%, 18mg/1.8%, 11mg/1.1% and 0mg/0%.

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  1. Great Flavor

    Posted by Michael East on 10th Apr 2019

    I have tried many other brands but prefer the flavor of this brand. I would agree that over time the cartridges seem to not last as long. Recently, The batteries seem to have an issue - not a problem as they are promptly replaced.

  2. Works just fine

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2018

    They provide a good taste and sensation, a perfect substitute for a regular cigarette.

  3. bad fliters

    Posted by Michael Davies on 22nd Aug 2017

    Have to complain about my last order of fliters I recieved! Alot of them didnt have much juice or none at all. My mom had alot of fliters that just didnt work period. I know the cig part is working but the fliters nope. This was the first order that we have gotten which had alot of bad ones so I have to order again. :(

Showing reviews 1-3 of 13 | Next

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