WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dear Valued Customers,

It has been a pleasure providing you with Sapphyre Nicotine over the past several years. Unfortunately, due to the amendments made to the Pact Act we are no longer able to ship our Sapphyre Nicotine products directly to our customers. That being said, we will be working closely with our partnered distributors to ensure that our Sapphyre Nicotine products will be available to all of our wholesale and retail customers.

Please contact Mattie at m.pace@midwestvapesupply.com with any questions or distributor recommendations.

We thank you for your continued support during this transition and look forward to continuing to provide you with best nicotine additive on the market.

All of us at Midwest Vape Supply & Sapphyre Nicotine

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Sapphyre/Eco-Cigs Is...

 Easy Charging with our Tip Rechargeable System!

Eco-Cigs Tip Rechargeable

There is no debate. Sapphyre/Eco-Cigs Tip Rechargeable are the only tip-charging eCigarettes. And our patent pending for tip-charging technology is proof.

We create the most world's most advanced eCigarette – and the simplest to use. How simple? Here are the instructions for charging it: Push tip-end into the charger until it clicks. That's it!

With a Sapphyre or Eco-Cigs Tip Rechargeable, there's no need to disassemble and reassemble, no fiddling with small components trying to screw them back together, no parts to lose, no pieces that can roll under the sofa.

Sapphyre and Eco-Cigs are Innovative

ULTRA King XL, Sapphyre Hookah, Tip Rechargeable

While other eCigarette companies are content to sell whatever products come out of China, Eco-Cigs innovates.

Our Tip-Rechargeable is the only tip-charging e-cig, period. We INVENTED it, and we hold the patent (pending) on the tip-charging technology that makes it possible. To recharge it, you just push the entire e-cig it into the charger until it clicks. Every other rechargeable requires you to remove the battery to charge, then reassemble the e-cig once it's powered up. Which is cumbersome and creates an opportunity for lost parts, especially when charging your ecig in the car, at work or anytime you're on the go.

ULTRA King XL is the most realistic e-cigarette available. We designed it specifically for smokers – it has the weight and feel, soft filter and thick vapor of a real cigarette. It even has a familiar flip-top box. And it's the longest lasting king-size, too.

Our hot-selling Sapphyre Hookah hit the market at the right time – when most e-cigarette companies were only thinking about adding flavored e-cigs to their product lines. But we were faster – and smarter. Today, our no-nicotine Sapphyre Hookah is one of the top products nationwide. And as you might expect, it delivers a better experience than competing hookah-style e-cigarettes.

Sapphyre and Eco-Cigs is Top Quality GUARANTEED!

Checking resistanceInspecting battery voltageBattery soldering point inspectionInhalations testerFinal battery check

Eco-Cigs and Sapphyre have sold millions of e-cigarettes since 2009. And our product quality is why people buy our products again and again and again.

We work hard to ensure you have a great experience every time you pick up one of our products.

To begin, we source only the best ingredients, parts and components. Then our manufacturing facilities utilize rigorous quality-control systems in every aspect of production:

  • Incoming raw materials, parts and electronic components are thoroughly inspected and tested when they arrive.
  • In-process quality control testing confirms that manufacturing processes meet tough standards and that semi-finished products are working.
  • Finished products are put through a series of tough tests to make sure they will stand up to both shipping and daily abuse.
  • Post-production testing checks every finished unit for vapor and function.
  • Every battery is tested to make sure it will charge.
  • Each unit is checked to make sure it looks perfect and that its label is correct.
  • Expert testers perform puff tests to check vapor quality and taste.
  • Packaging is tested to guarantee e-cigarette packages and packing boxes will make it to retailers in excellent condition.

That's a lot of testing. And not every e-cigarette company goes to the time, trouble and expense. Which is why premium quality and exceptional product consistency sets Eco-Cigs apart from the hundreds of e-cigarette brands in the marketplace today.

If, for some reason, one of our products fails, we've got you covered: Every Eco-Cigs products are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects, and can be returned for credit or replacement.

Sapphyre and Eco-Cigs are Fresh

Just take a look at a Sapphyre or Eco-Cigs package, and you can see our commitment to providing fresh, top-quality products.

First, check out the packaging itself. Every Sapphyre and Eco-Cigs eCigarette comes in a sealed plastic pack to protect it from dirt and moisture, and a soft cap protects the filter-end from bumps in shipping and handling. Our Cartomizer Refills are protected by soft caps, too, and our Eco-Foil™ pop-through packaging preserves freshness in shipping and on the store shelf. "Best by" dating on every package also lets you know when your Cartomizer Refills are at their peak, but can be enjoyed well past this date.

It's the same for our Sapphyre Hookah products. Every one comes in a freshness-sealed plastic tube with a soft rubber cap at each end. Inside, the filter end of the e-cigarette also is protected by a soft cap. "Best by" dating gives you assurance that the product you purchased is fresh.

Sapphyre and Eco-Cigs are Eco-Friendly

eCigarettes generate no nasty butts and no annoying smoke. Which is great. However, we take eco-friendliness a step further. We've reduced our product packaging to the bare minimum. We use recycled paper and plastic in our packaging whenever possible. We encourage our overseas suppliers to recycle all the paper, plastic and metal scrap generated in manufacturing. And we've developed a battery recycling program (to launch in mid-2014) that will make it easy to recycle e-cigarette lithium ion batteries at retail locations around the United States.