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MODcasts: The Best Podcasts in the Vaping Community

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The vaping community is one of the most down to earth, tight-knit group of people (we’re not biased, or anything). We blow clouds together, share tips, and are all just looking to have a good time. Listening to these podcasts is the virtual way to kick back with a few friends, talk vaporizers, and whatever else is going on in this crazy world. We’ve listed below our favorite podcasters and what their podcasts are about, so you can figure out which one’s for you.

  1. The Voice of Vape Space (make link - http://vapenewsradio.podbean.com/) - The vaping industry is rapidly changing, around the world. This channel covers the vaping industry including trends and legislative news. The host, Norm Bour, often brings on thought-leaders and “vapreneurs” to discuss these topics and how shifts in the industry could affect you.
  2. Vape Mentors (http://vapementors.com/tag/podcasts/) - This site is a compliation of a variety of podcasts. It features the latest top podcasts, including an interview with Dr. Drew regarding vaping.
  3. Joki Vape Podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/joki-vape-podcast/id866889888?mt=2) - Who doesn’t love talking smack about their favorite products? This podcast perfectly combines reviews with some real discussion about vaping itself. They bring in some of the biggest movers and innovators in the game, as well, to give their insights.
  4. PodOmatic - (http://eccr.podomatic.com/) - If you want to be on the front lines of the fight for vaping rights, this is the podcast for you. They discuss the latest legislation as well as bust some very real vaping myths out there.

Totally Vaping Awesome - (https://soundcloud.com/thetvashow) - Prepare to laugh your ass off. These guys deliver jokes, the latest news, and of course, all things vaping. If witty banter is what you’re seeking, search no further.