WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Stop Smoking Cigarettes, One Persons Story

Posted by Sean on

I had tried to quit smoking many times. I tried everything, from going cold turkey, the patch, gum, hypnosis, the pill, and a very mild form of shock therapy using a rubber-band on my wrist. Still, I could not stop smoking. I hated cigarettes, the smell, the coughing, burned clothing, etc etc.. but I did not have the willpower to quit using them. I started to become depressed over my addiction. I tried a few eCigs, however could not get the needed satisfaction from them. Several factors played out, lack of flavor, lack of smoke (vapor) were the main issues. Then I found Sapphyre, everything changed.

I literally cannot smoke cigarettes anymore. I cannot stand the smell of a cigarette. I can smell smokers everywhere now, especially a person whom has just had a cigarette, then walks past me in a store, the stench is nauseating.

Since making the switch to Sapphyre, I can smell everything now. The rain, my wives perfume, the grass, the ocean air. I was missing so much in my life!

Once in a while I will grab a cigarette from a friend and try to smoke it. I can’t get more than 3 drags before I trash it. It is gross, and I hate them. I guess I do it to prove to myself that I have finally quit. Before I started using Sapphyre, a test like that always ended with me smoking again. Now, it makes me sick and glad I have an electronic cigarette.

Almost everybody I know who uses e-cigs, either uses them exclusively or smokes 60%-90% less. These kind of numbers are UNHEARD OF compared to any quit smoking method I know of. (Disclaimer: e-cigarettes are not a stop smoking device)

My mom has smoked cigarettes since I can remember and my wife is a cigarette smoker as well. My mom told me about e-cigarettes and how they helped her quit, and she has tried repeatedly to quit smoking as well. She had experimented with several brands, and discovered Sapphyre was the best, so she gave me one.

The biggest gap between an e-cigarette and a normal cigarette is the fact that a normal cigarette has a distinct burnt tobacco taste and “hit” that smokers associate with the satisfaction of smoking. It is hot, burns the throat, fills the lungs, and feels good upon exhale.

Sapphyre electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, have a clean and cool hit that is soft on the lungs and is designed to satisfy your nicotine cravings, not your cravings for smoke. Sapphyre has done an amazing job of robust tobacco flavor, and the amount of smoke (vapor) is the most similar I have found to a cigarette.

I found the taste to be enjoyable, but the tar and carcinogenic aspects of a real cigarette wasn’t there. It felt clean and refreshing, I didn’t think it was going to work as it was different due to the cleanliness of the smoke (vapor).

I continued to smoke for a few weeks when I wanted to, and used my Sapphyre when I found it convenient. I found myself using my e-cigarette more and more and my tobacco cigarettes less and less. Within a month or two, I could not stand the smell of a cigarette…

After I switched to Sapphyre electronic cigarettes, I wanted my wife, who was coughing constantly and other friends to try them. I found all of them interested but skeptical. Most of them had tried other brands disposable electronic cigarettes but did not find the satisfaction they were looking for. I bought a few Sapphyre eCigs for each of them, 3 each (each Sapphyre eCig is equal to about 2 packs of cigarettes), and challenged them, if they could succeed in not smoking a cigarette for 1 week, and only use the Sapphyre electronic cigarette, I would buy them a months worth (about 15 Sapphyre eCigs each). In a weeks time, here I am, on the Sapphyre website, buying 60 Sapphyre eCigs! Cost me a bit, however, my wife and friends not smoking cigarettes is a huge improvement, for them and me. No more ashtrays in the house. No more awful cigarette odor! The biggest improvement though, I do not have to hear my wife coughing away.

They have this slogan: We believe in a healthier lifestyle. I must agree, however I have to be clear, Sapphyre eCigarettes are not a stop smoking product, they are an alternative to smoking. With the lack of carcinogen’s, tar, odor, smell, burning clothing, etc… using Sapphyre electronic cigarettes has created a healthier lifestyle for myself, my friends and my family.

Thank you Sapphyre!