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Oxford Published Test Shows - Appealing flavors DO NOT attract teens to e-Cigarettes

Posted by Sean on

Here at Eco-Cigs and Sapphyre, we believe in a healthier lifestyle, and stand behind the fact that, e-cigarettes are much less hazardous than traditional combustible tobacco cigarettes, use of e-cigarettes by smokers could greatly reduce the health harms due to smoking. There is a concern from some that e-cigarettes might attract teens who do not smoke, especially if e-cigarettes were offered in flavors that teens may find inviting. We do not want to see teens smoking and are very focused on ensuring that we are creating products that support our philosophies.

A study, just published on January 12th, by a board of prolific doctors based in Pittsburgh, clearly show that nonsmoking teens have a very low interest in using electronic cigarettes, even when presented with a variety of flavors such as raspberry, bubble gum, gummy bear and vanilla bean. The board of doctors include:

Saul Shiffman, PhD
Mark A. Sembower, MS
Janine L. Pillitteri, PhD
Karen K. Gerlach, PhD, MPH
Joe G. Gitchell, BA

Saul Shiffma, PhD of PinneyAssociates and a professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh states: ”Concerns about initiation of e-cigarette use by nonsmoking teens have focused on the expected and assumed appeal of flavors. It is important to replace assumptions with data. Our study shows that flavor descriptors, even those expected to appeal to youth, do not do so.” He went on to say, ”This is reassuring because nonsmoking teens would gain no health benefit from using e-cigarettes, since they don't smoke. In contrast, adult smokers could dramatically reduce health risks by switching from tobacco cigarette smoking to e-cigarette use."

Researchers surveyed 216 nonsmoking teens ages 13 to 17 and 432 adult smokers of combustible tobacco cigarettes about their interest in a range of potential e-cigarette flavors.

Asked on a scale of 0 to 10 about interest in using e-cigarettes, offered in a list of flavors, teens reported minimal interest, and teens' interest did not vary across flavors. "Flavors just didn't seem to matter to these nonsmoking teens," said Saul Shiffman.

Among adult smokers of combustible tobacco cigarettes, interest in e-cigarette flavors was greatest among recent users of e-cigarettes, followed by past users and never users. Recent e-cigarette users indicated an interest in flavors such as vanilla bean, double espresso and raspberry, none of which appealed to nonsmoking teens.

"For adult smokers of combustible tobacco cigarettes, switching completely to e-cigarettes should lead to substantial health benefits,"
commented Dr. Shiffman. "Knowledge about which flavors appeal most to adult smokers without appealing to nonsmoking teens presents an opportunity to greatly reduce health risks among adult smokers without increasing the risks for youth."

All authors of the paper work for PinneyAssociates and have provided consulting services on e-cigarettes and vaping products. e-Cigarette companies, like our own Eco-Cigs/Sapphyre was involved in discussion of the study design, but had no role in study execution, data collection, data analysis or writing of the published manuscript. The authors made all decisions related to the study.

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