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Vapers Rights Are Under Attack!

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The rights of vapers and e-cig users around the country have been threatened in recent months as officials introduce legislation to ban usage. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives (CASAA) is an organization aimed at informing the public about the successes of former smokers after switching over to smoke-free alternatives. They’ve been fighting an uphill battle against legislation lately that limits access and usage of vaping devices. (Not cool, right?). In an effort to organize the vape community and help keep you informed we have created a handy cheat-sheet for what’s going Nationwide and let you know how YOU can keep the rights of vapers everywhere!

  1. The first case is in Minneapolis, MN. Officials are pushing to make cigarettes more readily available than flavored e-cig and vape products. This would include introducing a ban on these products in convenience stores and gas stations and limiting them to specialty retailers. Let your officials know that you deserve access to vaping products. You can help by sending an email to officials, just follow the link here: http://blog.casaa.org/2015/06/minneapolis-mn-oppose-limited-access-to.html
  2. The next case is in Iowa City, IA. This one is to completely ban the usage of vapes in any indoor setting. Like the previous case, there’s something you can do in order to fight this. Follow the link to see how a few clicks can save our vapes and ecigs! http://blog.casaa.org/2015/06/iowa-city-ia-oppose-indoor-vaping-ban.html
  3. The third case we’ve been keeping our eyes on is in Waco, TX. In an ill-informed attempt to make the city “100% smoke free”, they’ve introduced many changes that would limit the usage of vaporizers indoors AND outdoors. This is simply unacceptable. Follow the link to see how: http://blog.casaa.org/2015/06/waco-tx-oppose-changes-to-citys-indoor.html

There are many misconceptions surrounding the usage of vaporizers. The attacks against ecigs and vaporizers are nothing less than an attack on our civil liberties. We as a community need to unite and educate individuals about dangers of limiting the civil rights of law abiding citizens. Share this with your Vape Community and help galvanize and organize our fellow vapers. Together we can fight the scourge of big government and combat this attack on our rights as american citizens.

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