WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Sapphyre Defines eVape! Sapphyre ReCharge and Sapphyre ClearView

Posted by Sean on

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, Vaporizers and eVapes are becoming an amazing alternative to smoking. These vaping devices give traditional cigarette smokers the feel and satisfaction of smoking. The beauty of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and eVapes are the fact that there is no actual smoke involved, just a water vapor. There is a diversity of products available from disposables to vaporizers to rechargeable electronic cigarettes and eVapes. eVape, a new product category in this genre that is taking vaporizer technology to a whole new level. Here at Sapphyre, we have been busy innovating and have come up with a groundbreaking product in this whole new category.

Presenting the Sapphyre ReCharge Battery with Sapphyre ClearView Tank, defining the standard of this new category:


Sapphyre has innovated the technology to bring the HUGE vapor experience you get from a vaporizer into an electronic cigarette size. Our components are World Class and are backed by our Sapphyre Warranty and Money Back Guarantee!

The Sapphyre Recharge & The Sapphyre ClearView

Sapphyre ReCharge

ReCharge is superior due to battery life and our Tip Recharging (patent pending) technology. The Sapphyre ReCharge has a 280 mAh capacity and it ReCharges from the tip end! Just pop it in and it's charging, no unscrewing, just pop it out to take a puff, no reassembly! 

No other electronic cigarette or eVape device charges as easily and simply as the Sapphyre Recharge. Quick and simple. Sapphyre ReCharge: (http://www.sapphyrecigs.com/blog/sapphyre-recharge-and-clearview-coming-december-2014/).

The Sapphyre ClearView

The Sapphyre ClearView describes the view inside the “tank”, still eCig cartridge in size, which produces approximately 400+ puffs of HUGE vaporizer like clouds. It is soft like a cigarette filer for comfort. All of our product testers have been blown away at the results.

Sapphyre has just defined the eVape device!