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Definitions Of Vaporizer, eVape and Electronic Cigarette Slang

Posted by Sean on

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs and Vaporizers and eVapes are becoming an amazing alternative to smoking. These vaping devices give traditional cigarette smokers the feel and satisfaction of smoking. The beauty of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and eVapes are the fact that there is no actual smoke involved, just a water vapor. There is diversity of products available from Disposables (http://www.sapphyrecigs.com/disposable-ecigs/) to Vaporizers http://www.sapphyrecigs.com/sapphyre-vapes-express-kit/) and rechargeable electronic cigarettes or eVapes. eVape, a new product category in this genre that is taking vaporizer technology to a whole new level.

If you are not too familiar with electronic cigarettes, you may not know all the slang or lingo used by the consumers. Traditional dictionaries will not be able to supply you with some of the definitions of the terms, so a list has compiled for you. That way if you are ever in the market for an electronic cigarette, you will know all the terms, their meanings, and you will have a better idea of the product you are looking to purchase.

Here are some electronic cigarette terms and their meanings:

* Vaping
- the act of enjoying your electronic cigarette
Example: Jessie was vaping while watching a movie.

- a device that is the size of an electronic cigarette that produces the vapor volume that is equal to or greater than the vapor volume produced by a vaporizer.

* Disposable electronic cigarette
- a non refillable electronic cigarette that is to be thrown away once all the e-liquid is gone

* Switch
- a button that turns on the heating element of an electronic cigarette

* Blank
- the tank that holds the clear e-liquid in an electronic cigarette

* Atomizer
- the component in an electronic cigarette that heats the e-liquid, turning it into vapor that is inhalable

* Milligrams
- the measurement used to determine the amount that of nicotine per milliliter

* Cartridge
- houses absorbent material and e-liquid within the mouthpiece

* Wick
- is made of poly fiber and soaks up the e-liquid during the heating process

* Electronic Cigarette
- an electronic battery powered device used to convert non nicotine or liquid nicotine into a vapor that is inhalable

* Analog
- a traditional tobacco cigarette

* E-liquid
- the non nicotine or nicotine liquid used in electronic cigarettes

* Mod
- a homemade modification or alteration done to the battery, cartridge, or atomizer of an electronic cigarette(it is recommended not to modify any e-cigarettes)

* Automatic Battery
- an electronic cigarette that has no switch and automatically functions when the consumer inhales

* Vegetable Glycerin
- a natural alternative made from coconut or palm oils that is sometimes used as the majority base in the e-liquid for electronic cigarettes

* Priming
- a puffing technique that is used to create the most vapor

* Vapor's Tongue
- a loss of taste associated with switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes

* Batch
- cartomizers or cartridges in group form that were produced at the same time and will expire at the same time

* Cuttoff
- a mechanism used to turn off the battery in an electronic cigarette when it is overused

* Nicotine Level/Strength
- the amount of nicotine in a bottle of e-liquid or a cartridge

* Filler
- a wick or fiber that holds e-liquid and is located in the cartridge

* Clearomizer
- used to house e-liquid and is see through

* Vapor
- an individual who vapes

* Propylene Glycol
- the most commonly used base carrier in electronic cigarettes

* Vape
- inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette

* Cartomizer or Cartridge
- a two piece electronic cigarette that consists of a disposable cartridge and atomizer

* Manual Battery
- a battery that can only function when pressed while inhaling an electronic cigarette

* Vapor
- vapor that is smoke like that is produced from an electronic cigarette

* Battery
- provides power to the atomizer when the consumer inhales through the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette

* Unvapeable
- something that can not be vaporized

* Throat Hit
- the sensation felt in the back of the throat when inhaling from an electronic cigarette